What attracts the Rodents most towards your property?

Do you think rats are cute? Well, they are, there’s no doubt in that. But at the same time, rats belong to the family of rodents who are infamous for causing nuisance and damages to your property. 

Even babies are cute, but do they cause damage and nuisance in the house? 

They do sometimes. Don’t they?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because you cannot do anything about them. They are babies, causing nuisance is like their thumb rule. 

But, not for rodents. They may be cute, but they are also dangerous, bring diseases, spread litter all around, they smell foul and whatnot. 

Did you know that a rat bite can cause renal failure? 

Yes, now you know why it is essential to get rid of them from your house and that too as quickly as possible. 

As important as it is to contact a professional pest service in your city, you also need to know about what attracts them to come to your house and start disturbing your life. 

So, here are some things that you need to take care of if you do not want rodents to come into your house. 


Reasons why you might start to see Rodents in your house


  • Improper Sanitation: Rodents live for unhygienic conditions, they like to stroll in areas that are decorated with garbage. You can say that it gives them a pleasure to toil around the garbage dumps. 

Basically, they are scavengers and will eat anything that they find easy access to. With this in mind, if there is litter and garbage lying around in your house the rats will be attracted to them. 

But, they will need access to that garbage dump in your kitchen or the grime in the washroom. Won’t they?

That access point comes from poor sanitation. When the drains are not closed off properly from all ends or when the waste water holes are not covered properly, the rodents will find it easier to breach your house. 

So, make sure that all the drain holes in and around your property are properly covered leaving no space for the rats to squeeze in (or out if you look at it from a rat’s perspective). 

  • Bird Feeders, nuts, and fruits: Bird Feeders are also responsible for attracting mice to your house. Yes, even if the bird feeders are hung up on the tree, the bird food can drop on the ground and this gives the rats an open invite. 

Other than this, if there are nuts and ripped or dried fruits lying around in your backyard, they can also attract them. 

So, as a precaution, ensure that there is no bird food, nuts, and fruits lying around in your house garden or the backyard. 

  • Leaf Piles, mulch or debris: If any of these three things are lying outside your house, then it is not at all good. This is because, the rats are always on the lookout for some safe, warm, and hidden places to raise their young ones. 

You cannot blame them, after all, they are also responsible parents and want to give them the best environment to grow and develop. 

But, this does not mean that you give them a method to invade your property. If there is deep mulch, leaves, and any other such thing lying outside your house, get rid of it. 

And once they have set up a good place for themselves in the debris or mulch, then comes the time to start looking for food and a new place to live. Since your house is an arm’s length from the rodents, guess, who will be the first target?

The rodents will certainly find a way to come inside the home via small holes and cracks. Hence, it is best to remove any debris or piles of leaves from outside the house. 

  • Indoor Plants: Where the rodents love to make their home under the mud, trees, and other forms of debris, they are also very keen to check the indoor plants. 

And not only check, but they can also pay a visit to eat the fruits or any other sort of eating material that grows on the indoor plants. 

Well, not that you stop keeping indoor plants, it is just that if you have them make sure that their fruits, leaves, and stems are well nurtured and farmed properly. They should not ooze out any kind of smell. 

  • Safety: The world is a dangerous place. We all know it and especially for the small rodents who are prone to a lot of things let alone predators. 

In this case, your house seems like a good and safe place for them to come and rest. There is a lot of food, warmth, and enough space for the entire rat family to live happily. 

But, this does not mean that you will leave out open spaces in your house to let them in. As a precaution, ensure that there are no open spots in the house. 

Like there are vacant boxes in the garage, opening under the patio, and others. 


What can I do if the rats have already made themselves at home?

Well, you can try a lot of DIY techniques and methods, but they will only help you get a clean and rat-free house. 

But, if you are looking to get permanent solutions and complete eradication of such pests from your house, contact us. We are working in the pest control industry for the last many years and have helped several families live in a safe and pest-free house. 

We adopt the latest elimination methods by using environment-friendly products that won’t contaminate the indoor environment and won’t harm your kids and pets. 

So, if you are facing issues with rats, take care of these things that are listed above and ensure that you call for professional help at the first sighting of rodents. Even if they are outside your house, it won’t take them too long to come inside and disrupt everything. 


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