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Rodent infestation is one of the significant causes that brings in the various types of allergies and infections in your homes. The presence of rodents in your home is a serious concern that must be dealt with immediately before it goes out of the hand. Rodents spoil your food, bring in diseases, and in worst-case scenarios, cause house fires by chewing down the electrical wires and the gas pipelines. 

Once the rodents establish their habitat in your home, their infestation spreads quickly, and it becomes extremely hard to eradicate them from your property. Hence, you must proactively take the right steps to rodent-proof your home on time and save yourself from getting any kind of harmful diseases.  

The 4 Musts of Rodent Control Techniques

Rodent control methods are known to provide excellent results in getting rid of rodent infestations. Prior to that, there are four fundamental steps that make this process of rodent control highly effective. The four basic steps are:

  • Rodent Identification

Different kinds of rodents may require different kinds of treatments. Therefore, it is essential that you first know what kind of rodent you are dealing with. The most common types of rodents that are found in residential areas are mouses, rats, gophers, moles, and voles. By identifying the rodent type in your house, you will be able to perform the right action required.  

To identify the rodents in your home, you need to look out for some of these common signs of rodent presence:

  • Damaged food packings. 
  • Partially eaten nuts in your backyard.
  • Frequent rodent droppings. 
  • Gnawed furniture and other household products. 
  • Pungent smells. 
  • Shredded papers, fabrics, and shoes. 
  • Scurrying sound on the floor. 
  • Inspection

Once you have identified the type of rodents living in your home, then the role of inspecting your home comes. Inspection of the home can either be done by you or you can call professionals to get it done. The process of inspection includes checking every little corner of your house to find the damages and the habitats of the present rodents.

The process includes:

  • Checking the gaps in the doors and windows.
  • Looking for broken bathroom drains. 
  • Finding any overlapping gaps in the roof. 
  • Checking the open sewers in the building.
  • Finding gaps in the garage. 
  • Looking for their habitats in the hidden nooks of the rooms, especially the store, kitchen, garage, and basement. 
  • Treatment

Treating the rodent infestation at the right time is extremely important. The treatment can either be done by yourself or the professionals. If the level of infestation is low, then you can go for the self-treatment plan, else it is wiser to seek the help of professionals. 

The most common and effective technique to catch the rodents and make them stay out of your house is the bait system. In this technique, you can set up traps with bait in them to catch the rodents of your house. 

Similar to fishing, this technique is highly effective in catching rodents. There are different kinds of traps available in the market that can catch the rodents. From glue boards to snap-traps to electronic traps, you can use any of the traps to get hold of the rodents. 

Apart from that, there are chemical control methods to treat rodent infestations. Chemical pills and medicines are available that when eaten kills the mouse or the rats in your house. 

  • Maintenance 

The treatment alone is not enough when dealing with the rodent infestation. Once you successfully get rid of the rodents from your house, then you need to be more aware to prevent their incoming back to your home. Hence follow the given tips to prevent them from coming back to your home:

  • Proper Sanitation

Rodents always prefer staying in a house that can easily fulfill their needs for food and shelter. The cleaner your house is, the less is the probability of rodent infestation in your house. Make a habit of storing all the food items either in the refrigerator or in the sealed packets stored in the cupboards. 

Whenever you spill any food item on the ground, make sure to clean it ASAP. Cupboards of the house at all times must be tightly secured to prevent rodents from entering inside. Remember, a neat and clean house is the least priority for rodents to make it their habitat. 

  • Rodent Proofing

Sanitation plays a major role in preventing the rodent presence in your home. However, sometimes even if the house is tidy, rodents are able to make their entry inside the home. This might happen beacuse of rodent infestation in any close by house or area. Therefore, rodent-proofing your home is necessary to be double sure that rodents stay out of your home. 

Firstly you need to check out all the entry points through which a rodent can enter. Some of the most common points are overlapping roofs, spaces between vent screens, sides of garage doors, and other gaps in the doors and windows. 

You might want to seal every little gap that can serve as an entry point for these little creatures. You can use aluminum netting, steel wool, heavy wire mesh, or copper gauze to seal the gaps in doors and roofs. You can also use tight-fitting windows screens to ensure keeping them away from the house. 

Controlling Rodents through Professional Help

Self rodent control techniques are only effective if the infestation level is so small that you yourself can acknowledge it. However, in the case of a large infestation, it is always recommended to seek professional help. 

We, at All Seasons Pest Control, have advanced techniques and methods which the rodents can be treated more efficiently. We ensure the full safety of the furniture and have the chemical formulas to disinfect your home from the present bacteria and viruses that may have been spread by the rodents. It is advisable to get your house inspected by the pest specialists at least once a year.  

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