Identify Rodent Infestation Near Your Home

Rodents are the species of animals that nobody likes to see in their house. They eat and contaminate the food and put a risk to our health by spreading various diseases. They are always looking for a place where they can find perfect living conditions for themselves. 

If food, water, and shelter are easily accessible to them in your house, they won’t take much longer to multiple there population. These rodents are not only a risk to your food, but they also cause various other kinds of damages. 

Damaging your furniture, shoes, and fabrics is a common problem faced due to the presence of these little creatures. So you need to trace out and get rid of any hidden rodents in your house before they infest your home and cause any damage to your health or house.    


Identifying the Presence of Rodents

Several kinds of rodents that like to place their habitat in your home. The most common types are mouse, rat, gopher, mole, and vole. All these rodents come from the same family and share most of the same characteristics. 

Only a few of the properties in them may differ from one another. However, whatever may be the type, our main concern is to keep them away from our house and life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Signs of their Activities

It is harder to know about the presence of rodents in your house unless the infestations become severe. So for identifying their presence in your house you may need to look out for the various signs of their activity such as:

  • Check out the materials made of plastic wood and rubber materials for any signs of gnawing. 
  • Rodents may be present in your house if you find partially eaten fruits and nuts like avocados or walnuts. 
  • Check your backyard for any broken snail shells under fences or bushes. 
  • Any signs of rodent droppings under the sink or near your food supplies may indicate their presence. 
  • Check for any chewing marks on the packets.
  • You might want to check for any shredded papers or fabric in the house. 
  • They can be identified by the stale smell they produce from hidden areas around the furniture. 
  • You may also want to keep your ears open at night time as it is when they are more audible.
  • Look for any gaps in the house and tunnels in your backyard to trace their presence.


Common Rodents Entry Locations

Unlike bacteria and other microorganisms, rodents can’t make their way in your house until they find any openings or gaps. So if you have identified the infestation of rodents in your home, it is better to check out the entry points to prevent any more rodents from coming in. The most common points from where they are most likely to come are:

  • Gaps between the front and back doors of the house. 
  • Attic vent screens.
  • Gaps between the vent pipe and the roof jack.
  • Overlapping roof.
  • Sides of the garage doors.
  • Open sewers in the building. 
  • Broken bathroom drains. 


Diseases that Rodents can Spread

Rodents are destructive pests that have the ability to contaminate foods and air particles. They are the reason for many infectious diseases. So at all costs, you should ensure that they are not a part of your house to be safe. The most common diseases caused by the rodents are:

  • Plague

Plague is a serious infection caused by flea biting that has been fed on an infected rat containing pathogenic bacterium yersinia pestis. The symptoms of having plague are developing abscesses and large sores in the arms and legs of a person. Dogs and cats are most vulnerable to get infected by this disease and spread it to humans.     

  • Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a disease caused due to bacteria that can make a person severely ill. Rodents may carry the leptospirosis bacteria and spread it in your home while urinating. Generally, water and solid contaminated by rodents infected urine is a major cause of human infection.   

  • Salmonellosis

It is also a bacterial disease that causes food poisoning and is transmitted by the rodents defecates on food items, kitchen counters, floors, or any place that comes in regular contact with a person. This is the most common disease that is mostly seen in homes and restaurants. A large number of people get affected by food poisoning due to the infection spread by rodents.

  • Tularemia

It is a disease caused by Francisella tularensis that is commonly seen in wild rodents. It can be transmitted by coming in contact with contaminated water or soil, inhalation, or through the biting of an infected rat or mice. The disease affects the immune system of a person and can make a person extremely ill. The common symptoms are vomiting and dehydration. 


Getting Rid of Rodents in your House 

Once you have identified the presence of rodents in your home. Then you must not wait long and take immediate action to get rid of them. If the infestation is not that severe, you can take two types of actions:

  • Setting Traps

The primary thing you can do is set a trap for them to catch them alive. You may then release them far away from your house. There are several types of traps you can buy from the market, such as a snap-trap, electronic trap, glue trap, or live animal trap. Add bait to the trap like bacon, peanut butter, or bread in one of these traps, and it will do its job efficiently.

  • Chemical Control

There are multiple chemical rodent control medicine and other substances available in the market. You can throw the medicine in the susceptible areas, and when the rodents eat it thinking of it as food, they will start suffocating and later die.      

  • Seek Professional Help 

By trapping and killing the rodent, you may prevent further spreading, but you can not fully control the damage they have already done. They spread their germs to all places they pass through. So you might need a deep clean your entire house to ensure there are no remaining rodent germs left in your house. 

The most effective way of completely removing rodents and their germs from your house is by seeking professional help. The expert teams have the expertise to handle all types of rodent infections and problems. 

They have several useful pieces of equipment to catch the rodents and also disinfect the house without damaging your property. So if the infestation of rodents in your home is large, the best is to bring in a professional team to handle the situation in a more efficient way.   


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