Clap! Whoosh! Smash! 

Is it dead? Isn’t that what we do when we come across mosquitoes in our house? Mosquitoes are really irritating and frustrating creatures that also hold the record for the most number of deaths across the globe. Yes, they are scary and that is why it is essential to protect yourself and your kids from mosquito bites. 

When it comes to kids, they cannot smash the mosquitoes as you can do. Mosquitoes are also the reason why there are diseases like dengue, malaria, fever and many other health problems. But fatality is the extreme of a mosquito bite. 

To that end, you must adopt such measures that will keep the mosquitoes away, especially from your kids. 

There are various mosquito control techniques that you can adopt as preventive measures. But, using bug repellents for kids is not a good option. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has not recommended the usage of bug repellents. 

These bug repellents are made with chemicals and toxins which may harm your kid’s sensitive skin. As a mother, you would never want to compromise with your kid’s health. But, the real dilemma is that will it be better to use mosquito repellents or let the mosquitoes play open season around your kid.  

Yes, the label may say DEET free. But even though these products have got this certification, they are not safe for newborn kids. So, it is better to adopt some other preventive measures to protect your little prince and princesses from these pesky creatures. 

Ways to keep your kids safe from Mosquitoes bites:

#1 No Stagnant Water: All babies are cute, be it a human’s offspring or mosquitoes. But wait until they grow up and then ask the same question. Is my baby still cute? You may say so, but the same cannot be said for a mosquito’s baby after it grows up. Because then it turns into a blood-sucking monster. And standing water is the most important thing for these mosquitoes to breed. You stop their breeding and you stop this menace. 

And you will find standing water in a lot of places and corners of your house. It can be in a flower pot, some bumps in the tarmac, holes in the ground and many more. These small water pools become a home for mosquito larvae to grow. 

Therefore, remove any water that is standing in such places to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Old pipes, tires, buckets, birdbaths, among others that are just lying in your house’s vicinity are only calling for bigger trouble. Don’t let the mosquitos make it their home.  

#2 No Skin Exposure: A well dressed and fully covered kid will be safe from a mosquito’s bite. This is because that little frustrating creature won’t get any place to bite or suck blood. Here too, don’t dress your kid in too tight clothes. As the mosquitoes can bite through skinny clothes, having thick and loose fit clothes will help you prevent bites.  

Don’t take your baby out while wearing dark-colored clothes. These types of garments attract mosquitoes. When you go out on a stroll, make sure that your child is wearing loose clothes. 

#3 Use Window Screens: Mosquitoes can enter through even the tiniest hole. So, it is a good strategy to cover all the holes and windows so that these small creatures cannot penetrate through them. 

Also, cover your baby’s crib with a mosquito net. It will protect them from mosquitoes by preventing them from entering the crib area.

#4 Don’t let them go out during dusk and dawn: You will notice that the mosquitoes are more active during dawn and dusk. Even though they are active all throughout the day, this is the prime time of mosquito biting and feeding. So, it is better not to take your kids out during these hours. 

#5 A good mosquito Repellent: If your child is older than 2 months, then you may use mosquito repellents to help keep away the mosquitoes. But, you must check for the safety certifications provided to these products before buying. 

#6 How about natural repellents: Yes, there are plenty of natural and chemical-free mosquito repellents that are also very effective for this kind of job. For instance:

Oil made from Lemon Eucalyptus: You can use this oil to keep away the mosquitoes. 

There are a few other skin-based mosquito repellents that have proven to be effective and have been at par with other chemical infused repellents. But, the thing with these natural repellents is that their effect may only last for a couple of hours or so. After that, your child is again vulnerable to be bitten by mosquitoes. 

A few other things to take care of while using them:

Always use a child-friendly sunscreen before applying mosquito repellent. 

You can also apply the oil under the ears or on the wrists. 

#7 Essential Oils: Essential oils like Vanilla essence, lavender oil, menthol camphor, and a few others can be used to protect your child. Although, mothers do not conform to their effectiveness and authenticity too easily. 

They are not sure whether it will work or not, and may doubt its friendliness. However, your local stores always have such essential oils that you can use to protect small kids from mosquitoes. 

And take care that you must not apply these essential oils on your kid’s skin. No! What you can do instead is pour some oil in a saucer or a pan and place it near your kid. Take care that it is out of the reach from the children. 

And if you want to practice some other methods you can also dip a cotton ball in the oil and then place it under the crib. Another method is to spray the oil on the bed sheet and pillow covers. 

#8 Get professional assistance: At times you want to be 100% sure about not having mosquitoes in your house. For that, you must take assistance from the professionals. A mosquito control service can use various authentic and professional ways to help you keep your house sanitized and protected from the infestation of mosquitoes. 

They can use techniques like:

Mosquito misting

Mosquito traps

Mosquito fogging

At All Seasons Pest Control NC, we provide assured mosquito eradication from your house so that we can ensure the safety of your kids from mosquito bites. Our services extend to all the residents of Fayetteville NC Region who can avail on-time, efficient, and cost-effective services from our end. 

In the end, here are a few additional ways to ward off these mosquitoes

Ensure that the swimming pool in your house is always clean and covered when it is not in use. 

Install yellow bug light outside the house. They also help repel mosquitoes and other types of bugs. 

Ornamental ponds may look good for decorative purposes, but you must also ensure that they have proper aeration. This will help prevent mosquito breeding. 

So, if you think that you cannot handle the mosquito menace at your house call us today. We can help you get rid of the mosquitoes all the while protecting your kids from different kinds of bugs too. Contact All Seasons Pest Request today to know more about our effective mosquito control strategies. 

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