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Eradicating Flea and Tick Infestation from your Home


We all know that our pets are highly prone to get infected by the flea and tick bites. These little microorganisms can enter your home through the pets and help in spreading several harmful diseases and infections. 

The most common diseases spread by the fleas are typhus, plague, cat scratch disease, and tapeworm. Fleas and tick infestation can be hazardous to your home as their presence can trigger many serious health issues. 

Mostly, people who have asthmatic symptoms are more prone to getting infected by diseases spread by fleas and ticks. Therefore, it is essential to keep you and your family protected from these little minacious creatures.  

How can you identify flea and ticks infestation at your home?

Ticks and fleas are common external parasites that can transmit numerous diseases and health issues to humans, cats, and dogs. They are known to bite with an extremely painful substance that causes swelling and irritation on the skin. Flea and ticks usually have their habitat in the tropical or warm regions, so their presence increases during the summers.  

Fleas often keep shifting their host and transport from one location to another. Cats and dogs are the major carriers of fleas to your home. The fleas live in the sandy, moist, and shady areas and may come inside your home through pets, used furniture items, and clothes. 

Ticks, on the contrary, lives in the leaf piles, brush, and other organic matter. As soon as they find a host, they latch on to their bodies and start feeding themselves with the blood. Female ticks even lay the eggs on the host’s body that get transferred to your house’s carpets, beds, and furniture. 

Primary, you can identify their presence if you consistently find red rashes and bites on your or your pet’s skin. In case these red bites are causing too much irritation and itchiness in the skin, then it might be worrisome for you. 

Some of the signs that will help you identify the presence of fleas and ticks at your home are:

  • Flea feces on or below carpets, rugs, and furniture.
  • Residues of dried blood. 
  • Live larvae on rugs and pet skin.
  • Presence of fleas over your pets. 
  • Consistent scratching of your pets. 
  • Loss of hair and hairs in the scratched area. 
  • Check for reddish-black flea droppings on your skin and other house regions.  

Inspecting Your Home for Fleas and Ticks

The foremost signs of ticks and fleas in your home are the pest themselves. They are parasites that are usually floating the surface of your pets. The primary habitat they choose is always pets over humans. There are three major locations that you need to thoroughly inspect in order to trace their presence in your home.

1. Inspecting the pets

If you find your dog or cat doing any unusual activity such as frequently scratching or is more restless, you might want to test it out.  It might also be worth checking if your pet is shedding too many hairs.   

Start by taking a flea comb and bowl of water. Start combing your pet’s hair slow and steadily. After every combing stroke, check for the flea dirt or any live fleas. You may clean the comb in the water bowl, and in case the water turns red, it may indicate the presence of fleas or ticks.  

2. Inspecting the home

Once you detect fleas or ticks in your house, it is essential for you to find their infestations. Take a flashlight and start examining your pet’s bedding, the areas on which it sits, and their eating dish. 

Then check out the furniture, including bed, sofas, and almirahs of the house. Then search for their presence in carpets and rugs of your home. They have large pockets, and microorganisms love living inside them. So you must check all the rugs and carpets of the houses.    

3. Inspecting the backyard 

Another suspect location where you can detect fleas and ticks is your house’s backyard. Inspecting the outdoors is important as usually living somewhere near your home, and when they get a chance, they invade the home. 

These three inspection checks will help you identify fleas and ticks infestation in your home. However, these methods are functional when the infestation is low. In the case of a large outbreak, it is wiser to call the professionals.  

Treating the Infestation of Fleas and Ticks

While fleas are not capable of producing fatal diseases, they can cause many types of skin irritation and other relatable diseases. Hence, for treating the infestation of fleas, you can use flea treatment products that will help you in getting rid of them. 

In the case of ticks, there are many sprays and other chemical products in the market that can help take care of them. Using these chemicals, the ticks may eventually die, but that does not mean your house is completely free from their spread. To get complete protection, ensure cutting grass and bushes in your backyard. 

The other possible outcome is to schedule a professional pest check in your home. It ensures the best and most effective results.


How Often to Have your Home Inspected for Flea and Ticks?

Many people who do not have pets think that they are entirely safe from flea and tick infestations and do not require any checking. However, ticks and fleas are not only bought by cats and dogs, but rodents are also their carriers. 

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to get there home inspected by a professional pest organization at least once a year for all kinds of flea, ticks, and rodent infestation. 

In case, you have identified the presence of flea and ticks, then do not waste time and seek the help of professionals for getting quick and suitable treatment.

If you live in an area with a history of flea infestation or the nearby area is covered with wild natural elements, consider inspecting the home once every six months. 

Remember, fleas and ticks are capable of causing serious health issues, and their presence should never be ignored and treated as quickly as possible.  

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