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Have pests found themselves at home in your house? Do you want to take the necessary steps to ensure pests won’t find refuge in your space? All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co. We have a team of well-trained exterminators who know what to do when our clients have pest problems.


It’s our goal to keep your property free of pests. Contact us right away if you have noticed signs of a pest infestation.

Pest Control Services for the Fayetteville NC Area


For the past 25 years, we have been serving our community of Raeford, Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Lumberton, and the surrounding areas. Pest-A-Rest LLC Exterminating Co specializes in a range of pest control services including termite control, bed bugs exterminating and bat removal, just to name a few. We work with both residential and commercial customers alike. Our team is well known in our area for being committed to professionalism, honesty, and customer satisfaction. 

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All Seasons Pest Control are experts in Termite & Pest Control services and has been offering effective pest and animal control services to the Fayetteville, NC community for over 10 years.

With the damage and disease that pests cause and carry, we at All Seasons Pest Control believes that all homes and businesses should have adequate and professional pest control services. It has been our long-standing mission to give all our customers the best possible services at the most affordable cost. All Seasons Pest Control welcomes suggestions and cultivates relationships with our clients.

We provide reliable real estate inspections for pests, along with complete insect and animal control services.

Learn More About Abstract Termite & Pest Control:

  • General Pest Control –Ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, silverfish, stink bugs, and ticks
  • Bed Bug Treatment – Residential bed bug treatment, commercial bed bug treatment, multiple treatment process, preventative treatment, real estate inspections, and more
  • Termite Control – Residential termite control, commercial termite control, real estate termite inspections, wood destroying insect extermination, termite pretreatments, termite monitoring system, and more

Complete Pest Control Services in Fayetteville

All Seasons Pest Control is a family owned independent company providing comprehensive pest control and extermination services. We provide these services for residential and commercial buildings in the Fayetteville NC and the sandhills communities. We will take care of all your pest control problems so you can keep your home and family safe and healthy.

Our unique pest control solutions and our highly experienced professionally trained technicians enable us to resolve fire ants, roaches, spiders, yellow jacket, ear wigs, all types of fleas and tick infestation around your home or office.

Our fleet of service techs with the latest pest control equipment enables us to serve the communities of:


We Offer Complete Pest Control Services the following areas:

If you live in any of these areas and you notice a pest problem in your home, give us a call right away. Pests, especially termites, tend to be drawn towards dark, damp areas of your home. If you have a basement, make sure it’s dry and well-lit. If your home has a crawl space, make sure you check it regularly for signs of pests.